The Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Hate mornings? Me too…that was until I discovered The Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a nightmare in the morning. Even despite me having a busy full time job, and with having three other little people to get ready in the morning, I really struggle when the dreaded alarm clock starts ringing… in fact, I snooze the alarm between 10-15 times every morning!

So after 15 long years of subjecting my hubby to this daily hell, he finally had enough and went out and bought the Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock with the hope that it would impove my morning schedule and I have to say, Im pretty impressed.

Once the clock goes off at your set time, a lovely warm red colour floods your room and this gradually changes to orange and then gets brighter and brighter until an amazing yellow fills your whole room, this is said to encourage your body to wake naturally. As well as this, you can choose from  different soothing sounds like ‘Zen’ or ‘Bird Song’ for example or even just your favourite radio station (that would be a bit of Chris Evans for me!). AND… if all else fails, it also has a snooze button which sounds every 9 minutes!

The Verdict:

I have to say, the Philips wake up light alarm clock has definately helped me in the morning and I’ve been waking up feeling much more relaxed rather than in utter distress with the dreaded iphone alarm ringing incessantly! Also, waking up to a soft light is more gentle – I would really recommend this to anyone who struggles with early morning waking!

Where to buy:

My hubby bought the Philips Light Up Alarm Clock from our local Currys store but they are available at many other major retailers.

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