Kids Christmas Gift Guide Top 5 Tech Gifts

With Christmas looming, Ive been checking out all sorts of cool tech gifts and Ive put together a Kids Christmas Gift Guide with the top 5 tech gifts.

With three children (all boys!) I find it harder and harder each year to look for gifts that one of them hasn’t already had, that they wont all kill each other over or that isn’t going to encourage them sitting in front of a computer game all day! (they do quite enough of that already)!


1. Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera


Print your Christmas snaps instantly with this amazing colourful mini camera from Instax.

The camera comes in five vibrant colours, it has a selfie mirror AND close up lens for taking those perfect selfies! It also has ten shots of film included so you can get started straight away.

The price is currently around the £75 price mark and available from major retailers including Amazon  Currys.

Additional rolls of films are also available from the retailers above at a cost of around £9.99 each.

2. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Image result for amazon echo 3rd generation

Two of my children already have the Amazon Echo Dot and the features provide endless fun! The 3rd generation has recently been launched which has in improved design and an upgraded speaker for better sound quality.

With voice regognition, you can ask Alexa to play your favourite songs, ask it what the weather will be like today or listen to your favourite books through Audible…. the list is endless!

The Amaozn Echo Dot is available at all major retailers for around £49.99. I bought mine from John Lewis as it came with a 2 year guarantee.

3. Sphero Mini

SPHERO Mini - Blue

Robots and Artifical Intelligence (AI) are going to be big news this Christmas so I couldnt leave this one out of this Christmas Gift Guide!

The Sphero mini is an app enabled robot and comes in the form of a small ping pong sized ball with changeable coloured shells available in pink, green, blue, orange and white. The Sphero has a number of ‘modes’, the most impressive of all being facial recognition which means you can direct the ball by moving your head around or opening your mouth.

You can also download the Spero mini app and use the mini like a controller to play a whole host of available games. It also comes with a range of accessories including mini bowling pins, traffic cones and an extra set of shells so they can make their own games and with 45 minutes play time, this is going to keep the kids entertained this Christmas!

The Sphero Mini is availble at most major retailers including Amazon,  and Currys.

4. Laser X – Laser Tag

Related image

Laser X is the ulitmate high tech game of tag which my boys absolutely love! Warning – although kids can play this indoors, it could cause damage to your favourite vase!

The guns work up to 60 metres away with brilliant accuracy and they come with colour changing lights which change to let you know if you have been hit… get hit 10 times and you’re out! It also comes with a battlefield ‘voice coach’ mode which tells you when youve been hit or when you need to reload.

My boys spend more time wrestling this from their Dad, haha. This is the perfect gift this Christmas for a variety of ages although not suitable for under 3s.

I bought the Laser X from Smyths Toys, currently on sale for £34.99

5. BLADEZ Hot Wheels Racing Drone

BLADEZ Hot Wheels DRX Hawk Racing Drone with Controller - Black, Red & Yellow

Let your kids amaze their friends this Christmas with the Bladez Hot Wheels Racing Drone. The drone can perform acrobatic tricks including 360 flips and has three speeds to play around with. It also comes with hoops and ramps who can be set up to manourvre the drone around.

One of its greatest features is that it has ‘one touch return’ meaning that it comes back to you at the touch of a button and its rotor blades are enclosed in a safety guard which means is fully crash proof so you dont have to worry about damaging it whilst you’re learning to fly.

The drone is marketed at 8year+ as the controls are a little fiddley but its the perfect introduction to drone flying.

Available from most major retailers with RRP of £29.99  which I think is great value, it’s also had some pretty awesome reviews!

I hope this Kids Christmas Gift Guide has given you some ideas for the best tech gifts to keep your kids busy this Christmas!

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  1. Karen Dennis
    November 6, 2018 / 9:40 am

    The pink camera is really cute, my granddaughter would love it#triamphanttales@_karendennis

  2. November 6, 2018 / 9:48 am

    Deadly list Gadget Girl! We have the Dot, albeit the 2nd Gen and I bought my wife the Instax camera last year. Sphero looks deadly doesn’t it? My girls are too young for Laser X but Nip 1 would love the Hot Wheels!!! Delighted I’ve found your blog. Expect a few follow notifications to follow 🙂 #TriumphantTales.

  3. November 6, 2018 / 10:32 am

    I wouldn’t mind having a camera that’s separate from my phone and purse size. i have a DSLR but forget to take it out with me. Our youngest son bought us a ‘google’ ‘alexa’ thing earlier this year, it’s still in the box lol #triumphanttales

  4. November 7, 2018 / 8:41 am

    I really like the lazer toy – great fun for kids and adults X #triumiphanttales

  5. November 10, 2018 / 7:15 pm

    Great ideas – I am finding the older my son gets the harder he is to buy for! Thank you for sharing with #TriumphantTales

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