5 Hot Chocolate Flavours You Need To Try

On these dark and cold Wintery days, there is nothing better than snuggling up in your PJs, with a decadent hot chocolate. I usually buy the opions hot chocolate which is pretty good.. that was until I discovered this luxury range from Whittard of Chelsea. Im still working my way through the various flavours but here are my favourite five so far..

Peanut Butter Flavour

As a child, I always used to have a peanut butter and jam sandwich after school which was absolutely gorgeous! However, I’ve never thought of combining it with Chocolate but I can verify that combintaion is also gorgeous. and you can really tase the peanut butter.

This is one you have to try!


Blueberry Cheesecake White Hot Chocolate Flavour

Blueberry Cheesecake…this is one I wasnt sure about but wow, this too is amazing. It comes out as the most fabulous pink colour and it has a lovely fruity flavour as well as a hint of white chocolate. This is a limited edition flavour so you need to get it quick.


Rocky Road Flavour

A British twist on the Rocky Road, this flavour is of marshmallow and chocolate with toffee cherry and sultanas. It’s asolutely divine and if you head over to the Whittard and Chelsea website, you can even pick up the recipe for Rocky Road Biscuits to accompany it.


Alice’s Strawberry Flavour White Chocolate

Alice's Strawberry Flavour White Hot Chocolate

Smooth, sweet and fruity, this is the ultimate in luxury hot chocolate. The lovely tin packaging is even decorated with the original illustration from Lewis Carrolls ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’.

Chilli  Flavour 

Chilli Flavour Hot Chocolate

I love chilli with most things but I’m not really familiar with chilli and chocolate. This was gorgeous though and the chilli was not too strong but left a lovely warmth as I drank it. Definately one to try!

To check out the wider range of flavours available, visit Whittard of Chelsea here…

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