What is ‘contouring’ and how does it work?

If there is one buzz word that has captured the world of beauty over the last few years…its ‘contouring’…but what the heck is it and do I need to do it now I’m in my thirties?

What is it?

Basically, countouring is just a way of highlighting the best bits of your face like your cheekbones and shadowing the others, (puffy cheeks in my case). This is done mainly by ‘blending’ the different shades with your normal foundation.

What makeup do I need?

First of all, you will need to decide on whether you want a cream or powder finish, personally I think cream is better if you are just starting out and powders are best for when you really know what you are doing (I think I’ll be using creams for the foreseeable future!) I use the Sleek MakeUP cream contour which isnt too expenisve and comes in different shades from All Beauty

Do I need to use any beauty tools?

To succeed at this, you definately need to get your ‘tools’ right. For cream contouring, you will need a firm flat top brush but for powder, I’d go for a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a blusher brush to blend it all in. I like the Brushworks makeup brushes with two size variations and at £12.75 from All Beauty, they arent too expensive for just starting out! A beauty blender will also come in handy… you can pick these up in your local supermarket but I use the Real Technique sponges available from all Beauty 

How do I do it?

If you are a total beginner, it might take a bit of practise before you get this right but here are some simple steps.

  1. Put on your foundation as normal.
  2. With the darker cream, map your face. To bring out your cheekbones for example, use the darker cream along the cheekbone. Use also on the nose, forehead and chin.
  3. Blend it with a beauty blender or brush, merging the darker colour to blend with your foundation.
  4. Use the lighter shades under the eyes , centre of forehead and chin and blend any excess product with a beauty blender.
  5. Use a blush on the cheeks.
  6. Finish up with dusting the face with your normal powder or bronzer.

Should I contour now I’m in my thirites?

This is obvioulsy personal choice but I think it helps to hide some of my problem areas. I obvioulsy don’t use as much makeup as I may have used to when I was younger and going out more often but I think contouring helps and some say that ‘everyone needs a bit of contour!’.

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