The Memes Of My Daily Life – The Struggle Is Real!

I clearly spend too much time on social media but I do love a good meme and I’m often caught laughing out loud, especially at the ones that you can really associate yourself with!

See below for some of my favourties which I can mostly associate with…

Sunday Afternoon…

Pretty much every Sunday, after a weekend of too much food and drink, I get back on that diet bandwagon! I’m sure my nearest and dearest would say that they have heard the same statements from me on more than one occasion…”Thats it, I’m definatley going to do it this time”. “I’m going to the gym every day after work this week!” “Im not drinking for at least 2 weeks!”

One of these days, I might just surprise them!


Don’t Mondays always come around too fast? I try to get really organised on a Sunday so that getting the three boys up and myself ready and out for work on a Monday morning isn’t too stressful although it always seems to be somewhat challenging.

Thank god my hubby works from home so most days I can skip out and leave them to it!


Anyone ever been in a looong meeting and just as its wrapping up, someone asks a question which starts the debate all over again! When will they learn?!

Wednesday – Pay Day!

Don’t you just love pay day?! You would think I had won the lottery on payday the way I carry on, at least I can live like a queen for one day a month although I really must get better at budgeting!

Funny pay day meme

Thursday – (Post Pay Day)

Whats wrong with treating yourself and the kids to a few treats after payday? My husband just doesn’t understand that it is absolutely necessary to buy new clothes every month…. and to try out the latest makeup product….and to have dinner out at a new restarant….and…..and……


Money Meme


On a Friday, we finish work 45 minutes earlier than normal which sometimes makes it feel like a half day!  A perfect way to start the weekend and that’s got to call for a celebration…



Anyone ever woken up and wondered how the hell you got home the night before? There is nothing worse than waking up with that feeling of dread about the night before!

Thanksfully, I don’t go on many heavy nights out any more as the hangovers just seem to get worse the older I get …but I do love my Friday night wine (or gin) though!


My middle son plays rugby every weekend and as he gets older, the game gets more aggressive! As I stood shivering on the side line this morning, I actually found myself wondering whether there was somewhere that I could buy a protective rugby helmets. I’d feel alot better if I could send him into the game just like this boy below!

Rygby Mum Meme


Thanks for reading my favourite memes, I hope they brought a smile! I’s love to hear about your favoutie meme in the comments.

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