This is where I talk about all the news and views on latest beauty products.

I have grown up in a family with alot of women and my Mum is more glamourous than I could ever wish to be! Ever since I was a child, I loved nothing better than sitting at her makeup table and trying out all of her makeup and this is something that has stayed with me into adulthood.

I always aspired to have a makeup table just like my Mums and I’m finally managing to fill it with all of the beauty products I love. As I now get nearer to reaching my forties, Im finally starting to take a real interest in looking after my skin (albeit a bit late!) Im really interested in skincare products and you’ll often find me in John Lewis on a Saturday trying out the latest products!

Being a scouser, I also love the ‘glam look’ and whilst Ive not yet gone out for the day with my rollers in, I do love the routine of getting ready for a night out. Ive recently learnt the art of ‘contouring’ thanks to my 12 year old son and I wouldnt go anywhere now without highlighting those cheekbones!

Im a bit of a stickler for a routine and I’ll usually use my favourtie go-to beauty products like my Bobbi Brown foundation or my benefit brow set but I do get over excited when I discover a new beauty product and Ill be using these pages to introduce them to you too! One of my latest faves is a ‘Ren’ facial toner which leaves your skin feeling totally zingy (if thats even a word) and refreshed.

If youd like to collaborate with me on any new beauty or skincare products, dont hesitate to get in touch with me.

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